Nursery Room

Age Group

This room caters for a maximum of 12 children aged from 6 weeks to 2 years.


With a ratio of one staff member to four children, this room is supervised by three experienced staff in a loving and nurturing environment.
Rasham is a qualified team leader who has worked at Mundarda for 6 years. She previously worked as a teacher in India before she moved to Australia.
Catherine is another qualified team leader who has been working at Mundarda for 3 years.
Carmen and Sheldon both work as educators in the nursery room and have both been working at Mundarda for 6 years.


Educator’s work alongside families to ensure the babies routines are properly met and followed through with love, care and patience. Routines are flexible and adapted to suit the babies as they grow.

Play Areas

In the nursery room the babies have access to a large open room. We ensure there is always a variety of natural materials and toys for the children to explore. Toys and play area’s are frequently changed and adapted to babies current learning interests.
The babies also have access to a large veranda area perfect for wet days so the babies do not have to stay completely inside.
The outside area of the nursery includes a large sandpit, garden bed and play equipment. The babies water and grow there own plants in the outside play area in recycled tyres. This creates an aesthetic and natural area to play.


There is so much to keep our little ones in this room. We incorporate various sensory play, water play, cooking and art activities. Educators try to use recycled paper and items in these activities and experiences.